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The instructors will break down proactive investing concepts into easy to understand segments and you will walk away with a plan of action.

Concepts covered in detail include:

  • Learn how to select stocks like one of the most successful investors ever, Charles Dow
  • Apply a proven method to recognize sectors emerging as potential leaders
  • Identify potential market trends and turning points to help grow and protect your wealth
  • Course includes: Text book, workbook and online research tools (a $399 value) for only $49

Courses offered by the Investor Education Institute teach you a sound framework for making investment decisions. Course material will empower you to be an informed, proactive and adaptive investor in changing market conditions. Whether your retirement plans are years away or you’re already in retirement, gain new skills to help you make proactive and confident decisions.

The vast majority of investors are passive, using a diversified, buy-and-hold approach. Passive, diversified strategies may withstand most market conditions, but are not likely to thrive in any market condition, because they are too diversified. We’ll teach you how to avoid over diversification and how to isolate potential market leaders.

Many active investors become emotional due to aggressive media reporting. Rather than being proactive, they tend to become reactive when market conditions get volatile. We’ll teach you how to use a disciplined framework to make decisions and eliminate the deadly emotional influences, even during the most volatile times.

We invite you to become a different type of investor—one who is both proactive and dynamic. That’s why we’ve created the Investor Education Institute—to educate members on how to utilize proactive strategies to keep their portfolios harmonious with prevailing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities as they develop.

Join us for our one of our Empowered Investing 3-Session Courses to learn a sound framework for making proactive investment decisions.

We reject the investment profession’s common wisdom that passive, buy-and-hold and diversified strategies are the optimal approach. We believe that you can do better if you don’t follow the herd and have a solid framework for making your decisions.

Meet Your Team

Joe is the Founder of Investor Education Institute. He is also President of Arlington Capital Management (ACM), a Registered Investment Advisory firm he founded in 2000. A 31-year veteran of the financial services industry, he possesses a strong background in investment research and portfolio construction, as well as a demonstrated dedication to client service. Joe is the author of Empowered Investing: Strategies for Proactive Investors and the host of the syndicated weekly radio program, Empowered Investing. Joe studied at Millikin University.

Responsible for investment research, portfolio management and client service, John joined IEI in 2011, when he began his second career after leaving a large public utility where he served in a variety of senior Information Technology roles. John leverages his prior teaching experience and contributes to the continual dynamic content available through the Institute. John earned his BA in Information Systems and Computer Programming from Purdue University and his MBA from the University of Chicago. John holds the Series 65 Investment Advisory Representative license.

A highly skilled professional, Ion brings his strengths in the areas of analysis, planning and program development to Investor Education Institute. Possessing in-depth experience in desktop and web-based software applications, as well as complex programming and internet technologies, he continually works to improve IEI infrastructure and client service tools. Ion is both a Microsoft and Sun certified professional.

Possessing over 15 years of financial industry experience with firms including Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and a private commodities trading firm, Amanda is primarily responsible for ensuring that our members receive the best in service. Amanda is a true professional who brings her passion for the industry and a strong operational background to Investor Education Institute.

Pursuing his passion for proactive investing and unbiased advice, an avid learner, Marty has been involved with our Investor Education Institute since 2007 and manages client relationships. Marty’s prior professional career spanned 23 years at both Walker Manufacturing/Tenneco Automotive and S.C. Johnson and Son. His career focused on global business process enablement with external business partners across all functional areas of the corporation. Marty holds Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor license.

Justin joined Investor Education Institute in 2015 as a Professional Member. A passionate student of Economics in its many forms, he brings with him more than a decade of discretionary portfolio management, trading, finance, and business industry experience. In addition to helping IEI clients, Justin is also committed to helping his community and is currently involved with The Gale Sayers Foundation as a Board Member and Children's Home and Aid as an Associate Board Member. Justin earned a BA and MA concurrently from Northwestern University and holds the Series 66 license.

Ron has been involved in the financial services industry for the past decade. His experience includes a number of senior management positions with CNA Financial during the earlier part of his career. Over the last ten years, Ron found great satisfaction as a financial advisor helping families of college-bound students develop strategies to pay for college without jeopardizing their retirement. His passion for working with people and desire to help grow their wealth while minimizing downside risk attracted him to IEI and led to a new chapter in his career. Ron earned BA and MBA degrees from DePaul University and holds the Series 65 Investment Advisory Representative License.

Proactive Strategies Detailed and Explained: Elevate Your Investment IQ.

Learn how to become a different type of investor. Courses are designed to educate you on how to utilize proactive strategies to keep your portfolio harmonious with prevailing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities as they develop. It’s 2018—get ahead of the curve and make becoming an empowered, informed, and confident investor your New Year’s Resolution!

Courses meet weekly for three consecutive weeks. Space is limited to 20 seats per session.

Your syllabus is as follows:


You will learn an approach to selecting stocks that was developed over 110 years ago by one of the most successful investors who ever lived, Charles Dow. Mr. Dow designed a unique method of recording stock price movements that helps you recognize patterns that tend to develop prior to substantial appreciation or decline.

The instructors will teach you how to apply Dow’s methods to today’s market environment.

This part of the course will teach you how to:

  • Interpret a chart like Charles Dow.
  • Easily know which stocks are likely to advance and which are likely to drop.
  • Understand chart patterns favorable for a lucrative trend.



When your portfolio is focused in the leading sectors, you can build wealth at a rapid clip. Most stocks in a sector move in the same direction. When large institutional investors move money into a sector, the demand pushes prices higher. Market participants notice these trends and jump aboard. Before you know it, the frenzy feeds on itself and prices in the sector move higher and higher.

Empowered Investing will provide you a proven method to recognize sectors that are emerging as potential leaders. Proactive investing could be as simple as this; isolate the leading sectors and avoid the laggards. Sector Selection = Improved Results!

This part of the course will teach you how to:

  • Pinpoint sectors emerging as market leaders.
  • Avoid investments in high-risk sectors.
  • Use a proven system to know which sectors are attracting institutional cash flows, and which are the victims of institutional selling.



There are two primary investor types, passive and active. Passive investors use a buy-and-hold approach, enjoying good results when the market rises, but settling for mediocre results, or worse, when the market stumbles. Stocks have been generally advancing for nearly a decade since the financial crises in 2008.  Eventually, this cycle will end and market conditions will become less friendly.

Unfortunately, many people who use an active approach get their information from the wrong sources, such as the media or Wall Street. This information could be either late or misleading, causing many decisions to be reactive.

pas·sive: adjective, Accepting what happens without active response

pro·ac·tive: adjective, Controlling a situation by preparing for future problems or changes

Which adjective do you want to define your investment strategy and retirement plan?

Investors who tend to enjoy the best results are proactive and dynamic. Proactive investors use proven strategies to keep their portfolios in line with prevailing market conditions.

This part of the course gives you the tools to be a proactive investor.


Every participant receives a text book, workbook and access to online research and charting tools – a $399 value!

Investor Education Institute

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